My name is Connor James Perkins and I am currently a Games Design and Programming student at Staffordshire University. To spare you the trite story about “I’ve loved games all my life, I’ve been playing them since I was four” that you’ve all undoubtedly read a thousand times I’ll just leave it at I really like video games and want to make them. It is however worth noting that my real core love is fighting games, though I’m sure if you spoke to me in person you would pick up on that insanely quickly.

Now when it comes to actually making them my passion has seemingly been found in mechanics and the making thereof; I want to make fun gameplay and I hope that’s reflected in the work I put on this site. I believe that a game lives or dies on how fun it is to play (unless you’re making a walking simulator or something more story driven, of course) so that’s where I want to focus my efforts: making games that people will find fun, above all else.

But when I saw my friends playing that game and having fun, it made me feel proud. To me, this was a source of energy and passion. As that passion for games began to blossom, I think my life course was set. – Satoru Iwata (1959 – 2015)