PCR – Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Peaceful Conflict Resolution – or PCR for short – was the project I made for my Social and Mobile Games Development module, notably more mobile in scope than in platform.


It’s a 2-4 player, competitive twin-stick shooter with 3 selectable mechs, each with their own unique weapons. Last player standing wins.

Each mech has a left and right weapon, a dash, and use of the Heat mechanic (the red bar in the screenshot). The Heat mechanic improves the player’s fire rate, turn rate and movement speed depending on how much “heat” they’ve built up by firing and dashing. This makes them more effective based on how much they move, however if they build up too much heat they become incapable of acting for a time.


The whole game was made in Unity C#. There are some UI issues with it I am aware of, notably with character selection, but the core game is functional.

You can download it here