Personal Achievements

Assisted in running the Staffordshire University ESports Course Taster Days 2017 & 2018

As the head of Staffordshire University Fight Club I hosted 3 separate stalls for 3 different fighting games at the 2017 Taster Day. In the 2018 taster the event only grew; Fight Club kept its three stalls but also hosted a miniature varsity against our neighbouring university, Keele. Being in an event this large has been an interesting and informative experience, involving many meetings and having to work with far more people than I have done in the past. I’ve run events before as a part of the society, but those are normally tournaments where I already know most of the attendees and not public events. Through this I had to very quickly learn some things about event management and spme of the dos-and-don’ts of working with the public. I am grateful to Stuart Kosters for the opportunity.


Founded and lead Staffordshire University Fight Club (the Fighting Game Society, no actual combat took place)

For the past 2 years I’ve been running Staffordshire University Fight Club, a society of over 40 fighting game fans who get together to run tournaments and casual meetups to share their love of fighting games in both a casual and competitive sense. It was through this society that I became involved with the ESports Taster Day.